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Strut House

Kyiv region,Ukraine
Private house with a total area of 297 m2 (3,200 sq. Ft.). Designed in an extremely picturesque location, a few kilometers from Kyiv, for a young and creative family.
The simple rectangular lot with a total area of 1 500 m2 is situated on the hill with great views to the two big valleys, in one of which the sun rises and in the other one approaches the horizon, what prompted architects to create the space which causes a desire to live. So for the purpose of maximum rational use the territory, the 1st floor is designed in orthogonal geometry, which repeats the shape of the site, while the 2nd floor is turned at an angle of 45 degrees, which allows you to maximize comprehend the kind of panorama.
The area in front of the main entrance to the house is resolved via regular planning method and includes a double function place for temporary parking and basketball court, Christmas tree etc.; behind the house architects designed a patio of 38 m2 in front of which a grass plot, barbecue area, playground and an orchard are situated.
By going inside the house you will see a spacious hall that flows into the studio with the total area more than 69 m2 with atrium which receives extra light from the roof windows designed from south-east side where the inhabitants can change the color of daylight inside the studio due to the glass panels installed together with the roof windows through which the sun’s rays pass. The fireplace Piazzetta, a symbol of warmth and home comfort is situated at the center of open space inside the column around which the stairs are climbed to the second level. Also, the ground floor includes a guest bedroom with a water closet, wardrobe, laundry, boiler room, kitchen storage room and a garage for 2 cars.
The second level is functioned for private using such as a master bedroom with looking on backyard and the ability to observe the sunrise; two children bedrooms which situated on the console part of the building with one sloping column on the level below gives the opportunity to observe the sunset in the valley; dressing rooms and 2 bathrooms. But the symbol of a successful career and felicitous life is the ability to work a little bit at home, which inspires to the new accomplishments, that’s why architects created an office space with relax zone, big panoramic windows and nice view from them.
This lot is located on the subsidence loess soil, so the piles of 9 meters depth were used for foundations of the building. The Strut house has a reinforced concrete frame and monolithic overlap, with walls of brick and AAC blocks on the ground floor and steel columns on the second floor, which allowed avoiding internal load-bearing walls. The roof structure is made of wooden rafters and steel beams. Ventilated façades with aluminum substructure is faced with Ventarock cement-sand tiles and standing seam metal panels (for walls and roof).
Despite complexity of constructive solutions, the Strut house gives the habitants a feeling of ease, comfort and power observing the sunrise and sunset in the valleys through the windows of their bedrooms.