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Oliva House

Kyiv region, Ukraine
Oliva House with a total area of 254 m2 was designed by Golub Architects, a few kilometers from Kyiv, for a young and positive family.
The location is situated on steep terrain with a difference of more than 5 meters. The total area of the site is 1300 m2, located below the level of the access road. The main feature is the large number of old pines that have grown here for over a hundred years, and it was very important for clients to preserve each of them. The combination of these factors posed a quite difficult task for architects.
The three-dimensional solution of the facades represents the desire to integrate the house into the environment as organically as possible, the color of the facades was selected based on the colors of old pines located on the site. A steep terrain, encouraged the creation of different levels of the house, in order to get a barrier-free entrance from the front yard and from the back yard.
The area in front of the main entrance to the house includes a covered parking lot for 2 cars and a streetball court, Christmas tree, doghouse, etc.; behind the house, the architects designed a patio with a pool 10 x 3.5 m, then a lawn for games with children, fireplace and barbecue area, etc.
By going inside the house you will see a spacious hall with an area of ​​19.3 m2, which is located at 0.000, to the right of the entrance there is a wardrobe for outerwear (in the climate of Kyiv is required), and on the left – bathroom. The hall flows into the Studio, with a total area of ​​over 59.7 m2, which is located on the level of minus 1.44 m. For descending from the hall to the studio a spiral staircase can be used. In the center of the studio is designed the round atrium, which gives additional space, as well as a lot of light from the vertical facade windows and an incredible view of the pine forest from them. On the same level, except the studio, there is a guest bedroom with its own dressing room, as well as a group of technical rooms, including laundry and boiler room.
For getting to the living zone at 2,700 m, you need to use a spiral staircase that winds around the atrium. The single united space on the lower level, here is divided into two separate ‘Barn Houses’, which are connected by a glass hall. The ‘Barn House’ situated to the left side includes the master bedroom block, with a personal dressing room and bathroom, which are situated on the raised level at 3,300 m. The ‘Barn House’ to the right side contains an office, bathroom, and two children’s two-level rooms. Children’s rooms have the main area for rest and sleep, as well as a mezzanine floor for studying at the level of 5,700 m. And above the office and bathroom is provided an attic.
This site is located on the subsidence loess soil, so piles 13 meters deep were used for the foundation of the building. The Olive House has a reinforced concrete frame and monolithic overlap, with walls of brick and AAC blocks on the ground floor and steel columns on the second floor, which allowed avoiding internal load-bearing walls. The roof structure is made of wooden rafters and steel beams. Ventilated façades with aluminum substructure is faced with Ventarock cement-sand tiles and standing seam metal panels (for walls and roof).
The House is currently under construction, and we are convinced that already very soon it will become a cozy family nest for its owners.