Kristina Golub
Founding Partner, CEO
Architect, Ph.D. Student

Professional experience:

  • architectural designing – from 2011
  • interior designing – from 2012
  • engineering designing – from 2012
  • scientific research in the field of intelligent administrative building designing – from 2015


  • Certificate No. UA00094. Nearly Zero Energy Buildings Construction Specialist
    European Union Project Train-to-NZEB: The Building Knowledge Hubs;
2015 Present
  • Ph.D. Student.
    Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture;
  • Master of Architecture. Diploma with honour. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.
    The diploma project topic: Architectural and planning decisions of high-rise buildings of credit and financial institutions (by example the head office of a commercial bank in Kyiv);
  • Certificate №11 of Attendance Course “City as an open system” & “Economics, policy, law regulations in city development”.
    European project № 530197-TEMPUS-1-2012-IT-TEMPUS-JPCR by a consortium that consists of Cambridge University, Politectico di Milano, University of Saragosa etc.;
  • Certificate of Attendance Course “English + Architecture”.
    University of the Arts London, Great Britain;
  • Bachelor of Architecture. Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture.
    The diploma project topic: Sports and recreation center on Obolonsky avenue in Kyiv;
  • Certificate of Attendance General English Course (Upper Intermediate,B2)St. Giles International, Great Britain;
  • Certificate of Complete General Secondary Education with honour
    Comprehensive Secondary School with profound study of English;
  • General Art Certificate with honour
    Art School


  • International competition “INSPIRELI AWARDS” (Prague, Czech Republic) – Final
  • 23-24 Review-competition of diploma projects of graduates of higher educational institutions in the following specialties: Architecture; Design (Kyiv, Ukraine) –I Prize

Valid member of international organizations:

  • International Organization of Innovations in Architecture;
  • International Society of Indoor Air Quality and Climate
Ballroom dances, traveling, painting, horseback riding

Scientific Publications:

Publications in Conference Proceedings:
  • Golub, K. (2017). The development vector of intelligent management systems in commercial office buildings. In: 7th International Scientific and Practical Conference Energy Integration-2017. April 26-28, Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Golub, K. (2017). The influence of intelligent management systems on formation of commercial office buildings. In: International Conference Healthy Buildings 2017 Europe. July 2-5, Lublin, Poland;
  • Golub, K. (2016). Features of rathauses formation in Ukraine. In: International Scientific-Practical Conference of Young Scientists Build-Master-Class 2016. November 16-18, Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Golub, K. (2016). Domestic experience in the formation of administrative buildings. In: Ukrainian Scientific Conference of Young Scientists, Postgraduates and Students – Anniversary of NAOMA: Development Ways of Ukrainian Art. April 22, Kyiv, Ukraine;
  • Golub ,K. (2015). Modern trends of the administrative buildings formation. In: International Scientific-Practical Conference of Young Scientists Build-Master-Class 2015. November 26-27, Kyiv, Ukraine