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Bagamas Azure Bungalow

Commonwealth of the Bahamas
Bagamas Azure Bungalow
We tried to create this project as close as possible to the stated task of the client.
Therefore, the plan provides 3 buildings: a bungalow, a garage for 2.5 cars, and a gym + office, which are combined under one roof. Between these three volumes we have placed a seating area with outdoor furniture, barbecue and table tennis. With this decision, this area turned out to be shaded, which is very important in the climate of the Bahamas, and due to the panoramic glazing of the gym, we managed to save the ocean view.
The bungalow has a classic planning solution. The house is surrounded by a decking terrace. In the center of the bungalow is situated a studio with beautiful arched doors. The left-wing of the house has three bedrooms with bathrooms, in the right-wing there are a master bedroom with a personal dressing room and bathroom, as well as a half bath to the studio and laundry.
We tried to reveal a panoramic view of the ocean from the most important premises for the client: studio, master bedroom, office, gym. We also managed to provide a direct view in the second bedroom, and indirect in the third, and a view from the seating area through design decision with a glass wall.
According to the client ‘s requirements, in the master plan was provided a 12×4 m swimming pool was placed, decking for a deck chair area, an outdoor shower, a yacht pier , also we added fire place, a beach, an area with cocoon-chairs and garbage tank.