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Tiny houses

Chicago, Illinois,
Building type
Within the Tiny Homes Competition, announced by the American Institute of Architects (AIA), the architectural company “Golub Architects” offered its solution of tiny houses in the historic Bronzeville quarter in Chicago. The conditions of the competition included the design of 10-12 houses and a public building on a site of 106×120 feet (32.3×36.6 meters). The total area of the Tiny house should be not more than 350 square feet (32.5 m2), and the public building – 1200 square feet (111.5 m2). Herewith, the cost of materials for construction, interior decoration, home appliances, plumbing should not exceed 30 thousand dollars. The idea of the competition was to provide individual housing for students aged 18 to 24, who, by reason of the young age, had not yet had the funds to purchase private housing. These houses were to be provided to students of the University of Illinois in Chicago at the expense of a state subsidy (University of Illinois-Chicago).